Preventative & Diagnostic Therapies

Regular preventative care can help keep your children healthy and cavity-free! In most cases, a comprehensive check-up is recommended every six months, at which we offer oral hygiene instructions, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. If dental problems are suspected, early diagnosis is key in determining the most appropriate treatment option.

Dental examinations starting at an early age have been shown to decrease a patient’s risk for developing cavities. We strongly encourage oral care to begin at home just before the first tooth appears and at the dental office within six months of its appearance. Age one is the standard pediatrician and dentist recommended guideline for a dental check-up. Worried your little one won’t cooperate? That’s okay! They will be able to sit in your lap for a lap exam to help them feel more at ease. Just like information about their overall development is provided at their physician checkups, information about their oral development and baby tooth care is given at each dental check up.

Some of our preventative and diagnostic therapies include:

Teeth may look solid, but they are actually naturally pocked with fine channels, grooves and pits. Kid’s sealants, applied by a dentist or dental hygienist, fill in these depressions, allowing young patients the freedom to brush their teeth completely clean.

Intraoral and Extraoral Digital X-rays
Taking care of our patients’ teeth means needing to see what’s going on with them both inside and out. At our office we use digital radiography, which requires 50-70 percent less radiation than traditional x-Rays. It also allows us to see the results much quicker and enables us to get to the root of any dental issues.