At Kid’s Dentistry of North Georgia, we understand that dental visits can be especially difficult for children. That’s why our office is dedicated to treating children in a positive and fun-filled atmosphere to help facilitate worry-free dental visits. Our office provides care to infants, children and adolescents, as well as those with special behavioral and healthcare needs of all ages. Our treatments include: dental exams, digital X-rays, diagnosis, treatment planning, sealants, crowns, fillings, extractions, space maintenance, laughing gas, office sedation, operating room dentistry and more.

Dental Examination and Cleaning

Very young patients, especially children under three, may feel most comfortable sitting in their caregiver’s lap for their first appointment. The knee-to-knee exam, where the child sits with their caregiver and lies back in the hygienist’s or dentist’s lap can help the child feel more at ease during their dental cleaning or examination. For older children, an examination and dental cleaning can usually be completed in the dental chair. If necessary, x-rays may be taken according to your child’s dental needs.


Teeth may look solid, but they are actually naturally pocked with fine channels, grooves and pits. Sealants, applied by a dentist or dental hygienist, fill in these depressions, allowing young patients the freedom to brush their teeth completely clean.


Sometimes, despite the best efforts of patients, parents and dentists, a cavity will occur. Fillings, usually made from a tooth-colored composite resin, are applied after decay has been cleared out, restoring the tooth to a healthy whole. 

Juices and sugary drinks are the primary cause of cavities in young patients. Limit those drinks to mealtimes and never allow them at bedtime.


Taking care of our patients’ teeth means needing to see what’s going on with them both inside and out. At our office we use digital radiography, which requires 50-70 percent less radiation than traditional X-Rays. It also allows us to see the results much quicker and enables us to get to the root of any dental issues.